Is the new iPhone worth the price?


Courtesy Apple

Apple released the new iPhone 11, and many Mid-Pacific students have already upgraded.

Wyatt Cullison and Tia Shimabukuro, Staff Writers

The iPhone 11 has new and improved features, but some students are claiming that it isn’t worth the price tag of nearly $1,000. 

The phone includes a new ultra wide camera mode and boasts the upgraded A13 processor, as well as an improved water resistance and a new aluminum frame rather than the previous stainless steel, according to Apple’s website.

Sophomore Ella Ann Wong said the new iPhone is not a big difference from the iPhone X. All Apple did was add multiple cameras, not just one, she said. 

“Is it really worth paying that much for photos that other cameras can regularly do?” said Wong.

Director of Education Technology, Brian Grantham, said the phone is an improvement over the previous generation of models.

 “The 11 is definitely an upgrade over the latest round including the XS and XR performance wise and camera wise,” said Grantham. 

10th grade student Amara Ueligitone said the new features on the iPhone 11 are high tech and are different from the previous iPhones.

“One thing I like about the iPhone 11 is the new color options to choose from. I think it’s worth it because the features are the next big thing,” said Ueligitone. She still has a previous version of the iPhone. 

Sophomore Ryland Paulino upgraded her iPhone 7 to the new iPhone 11. 

“There’s different camera features, I’m able to use the Face ID to open my phone. It’s great, fun and easy to use, I would recommend it to anyone,” said Paulino.

Grantham said the cost of the iPhone 11 could cause people to pause and use their older phones for longer. 

“People avoid the upgrade because the features aren’t as great of an increase as what they used to be in the earlier versions of the phone,” said Grantham. 

“Should students upgrade [to] the phone? At this point, I don’t think that it really matters,” said Grantham