Will we stay friends after we graduate?

Siena Usui, Staff Writer

Siena Usui: Student Survival Guide

Q: What are some tips to relieve/alleviate stress from school/general life?

A: Keeping up with everything can be difficult to manage, and it’s always good to take breaks when you need them! Before starting your homework, I like to time myself and take a 15-20 minute break to just relax ahead of beginning my assignments. If your mind starts to wander off after working for awhile, its best to give it a rest and come back to it with a clean slate. 

“I think that a lot of high school students have that go go go mentality, and sometimes you just need to stop and take that break so that you can come back and be mentally prepared to continue your work,” said Mid-Pacific counselor-in-training Amber Alderson. 

Another tip to consider is planning. Alderson recommends scheduling your days ahead to help relieve stress from school. Sometimes things get to a point where it becomes overwhelming, and knowing what comes ahead can help you feel more on top of it. I hope that helped, and just remember to not be super hard on yourself! School doesn’t define who you are, and it’s always good to share your problems with close friends to get if off your shoulders. 

Q: How can I  survive finals? 

A: With the end of the first semester coming to an end, finals are coming up. It can be a really chaotic time consisting of sleepless nights and dark eyebags. To start, make sure you know what days your exams are on and what time they start. It’s always good to double check and write it down just in case. You don’t want to be late to your finals! Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t put too much unnecessary pressure on yourself. Finals aren’t a major part of your grade, and in some classes they are worth twenty percent of your grade. So, as long as you don’t completely fail, it won’t affect your final grade dramatically. According to University of the Pacific, the key to effectively retain information is repetition. Studying in small chunks of time (ex: 40 minutes of studying and 20 minute breaks) will help your brain process information better. And as you study, make sure to eliminate all distractions. Put your phone away and turn off your notifications. Another thing is getting a good night’s sleep the day before your finals, which is an extra boost for you. You’ll be more energetic and alert. And, it’s always important to eat breakfast so that you’ll have fuel to power through the test! After finishing your finals, you can let loose and finally relax!

Q: How hard will it be to keep high school friends after graduating?

A: I heard from someone about how even after college, their closest friends were their friends from high school. And when talking to another person, they told me that they were super close with their college friends. So, it really depends on the person. All relationships are a two way street, it takes both people to make it work. Regularly checking up on each other and texting can help keep you and your friends keep in contact. If you can, try to meet up with one another when you can. As we grow older and go through different experiences, we change. It might be natural for you and your friends to drift, but it doesn’t mean that’ll put an end to your friendship. Having long distance friendships can be challenging, but as long you and your friends put in the effort it takes to maintain it, it can work!