Boys bowling nets two-time ILH championship title


Contributed by the bowling team

Boys senior bowler won the the ILH for the second time

Steven Aspera Jr. , Staff Writer

The boys bowling team won the ILH championship for the second year in a row, continuing their winning streak from last year’s season. 

Mid-Pacific played Saint Louis in the state championship, which was their hardest game, players and coaches said. 

“We had two really challenging games, both of them were against Saint Louis. The first game we beat them 3-0 and the second was to decide who was the first place, we won 2-1,” said Kody Manabe, a varsity bowler at Mid-Pacific.

Mid-Pacific tied in the regular season, which led them to playoffs.

 “We lost our first game but came back in the next two games, so it was a pretty dramatic comeback,” said coach Craig Yamada.

Practice was a key factor in winning the championship, team members said. 

Every practice, they played like they were getting ready for a game, mainly by working on spares and consistency, said Manabe.

The team also needed to prepare mentally: how they act, behave and handle negativity on the lanes, Craig Yamada said. 

They prepared for the season by having practice over the summer to improve their game. Kai Yamada, a senior bowler who ranked second in the state, said younger players can improve in the offseason.   

“Working in the offseason you learn so much, and it makes the game easier because you have way more experience rather than just one time a year,” Kai Yamada said. Kai Yamada is the son of coach Craig Yamada, and Kai has bowled on the team since his freshman year.

Coach Yamada said many members of the team have played together for four years. 

“The strength of the team is in their chemistry. These boys have been together since they were freshman, from when they were JV and working to get to the varsity level. So the result of improving every year allowed us to win the championship,” Yamada said.

After the championship the bowling varsity team won a postseason tournament. Younger players can improve on practicing more and making sure they are connected as a team said Manabe.

Since this is the last year coach Yamada is coaching, varsity bowling and six members of the team are graduating, they said younger players need to step up to continue the success of the team.

“Chemistry is our number one aspect, I think as a team we get along together in and outside of the sport,” said Kai Yamada.