M Club cheers on the athletics program


Kamm Ko

M Club members support the team during a basketball game.

Tia Shimabukuro, Staff Writer

As it gets closer to game time, the M club members get ready to rally up the crowd and the scoreboard counts down, 3, 2, 1…

M club president Missy Lange stands up, stomps her feet, shouts and cheers as the homecoming game begins. Lange is part of a group of Mid-Pacific supporters who come together at every game: the M Club. 

The M in M club, stands for “Mid-Pacific”. 

The purpose of M club is to help Mid-Pacific increase spirit and competitiveness and to financially support the sports teams, said athletic director Scott Wagner.

“The biggest benefit is knowing that you are helping to make a difference, to make our athletic program stronger,” said Wagner.

M club is made up of people who support Mid-Pacific athletics, said Lange. 

“What made me want to join M club was it provided an opportunity for our family to financially support the athletic program here at Mid-Pacific,” said Lange.

Lange spends her time cheering on the sidelines and is always there at Mid-Pacific sports games supporting the players all the way.

Anyone can join the M club – alumni, parents, grandparents, staff and faculty, etc. 

Her favorite thing about being in M club is just being able to support the athletics, said Lange.

“It’s given us an opportunity to not only watch the program, but to watch the kids in the program and have really good friendships with family and faculty,” said Lange.

There is a $50 yearly or $500 lifetime M club membership that comes with a free hat, stickers, polo, or bag. 

M club funds go to a variety of places, said Wagner.

“The money they have goes towards making the elementary events strong and successful, some senior aloha games, they help out with homecoming, and they are generally there to support,” said Wagner.

It’s a great organization that gives players something to play for, said senior boys varsity basketball player, Kamana Lapina. 

“When I see an M club member supporting us it feels like we’re representing more than just our team,” said Lapina.

She is very grateful that people want to support athletes and growing students, according to sophomore Varsity girls basketball player, Amara Ueligitone.

“M club is a great group of people who come together to support the athletics here at mid pacific and foster the growth of student athletes,” said Ueligitone.

The M club cheers to let the team know that they are there supporting them no matter what the score. 

“It’s a team effort, we just wanna help out, we just want to support, we just want the program to grow,” said Lange.