Girls basketball nets second place in states


Chelsee Sawai and Danika Kusumoto

The girls basketball team added two more championships to Mid-Pacific’s trophy case this season, winning the Division 2 ILH and the state runner-up.

The team finished the ILH season with an undefeated record of 9-0 com- pared to last year’s season record of 1-10.

“We always play for each other, helping the team over all.” said Ueligitone.”

— Amara Ueligitone


Junior guard Madisyn Sagawa was one of the highest scoring players of the championship game scoring 7 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists, according to Scoring Live.

“The team is extremely resilient because no matter what happened, we had a positive outlook on things and we would always have each other’s back,” said Sagawa.

Sagawa said she liked how the ILH season brought her teammates together to work hard and create special bonds between one another.

Just like Madisyn, sophomore center Amara Ueligitone admired the constant support from her team that made them play in unison.

“We play with a lot of heart and energy,” said Ueligitone.

Ueligitone said basketball is a sport that teaches you how to work for your goals and successes and support one another.

Reid Sagawa, head coach, said no matter if they won or lost, he and the other coaches were always here for the players.

“If they can see if you work hard in life sometimes, things will pay off,” he said.