Soccer scores an ILH championship


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Leather soccer ball isolated on white background.

Danika Kusumoto, Staff Writer

Mid-Pacific’s varsity girls soccer team kicked up to a third place in states, netted an ILH win, and scored a Division 2 championship this season.

The team finished their season with a record of 6-4.

“It all caught us off guard, and we didn’t think about it till that last game,” said head coach Austin Draper.

During his first year as head coach of the girls varsity team, Draper focused his efforts on the team itself.

“They play together and have each other’s back. Whatever they do, win or lose, they are together and have fun,” said Draper.

Senior soccer player Sophie Saiki said the coaches have taught the team to be more independent, allowing them to figure things out on their own.

“It feels good since we worked hard for it, and we achieved one of our goals for the season,” said Saiki.

Saiki will play college soccer next year at California Lutheran University, accomplishing one of her personal goals, she said.

“I’ve played soccer my whole life. I just love the sport, and I love all of the tactics behind it,” said Saiki.

Sophomore player Kate Nakamura said the team had a lot of chemistry and were extremely excited about winning.

“It’s like everything you’ve worked for has a meaning,” said Nakamura.

Nakamura said this year’s head coach focused more on complimenting the players and making sure they enjoyed what they were doing.

“To see them reach their goal of being the ILH D2 champions, I think that’s just the most rewarding part,” said Draper.