Stay fit while stuck at home with these tips from Mid-Pacific experts


Contributed by Kellen Tanaka

Mid-Pacific students are finding ways to stay fit even through the stay at home order. Senior Kellen Tanaka on a run in his neighborhood.

Steven Aspera Jr. , Staff Writer

Thanks to covid-19 times are tough these days, and many students have to stay in their homes. But, being locked up in your house is no excuse for not staying fit. The experts at Mid-Pacific gave their best tips on staying fit during quarantine.

“One of the main ideas on staying fit during this time is if you really like doing something, do it,” Richard Haas, a PE teacher at Mid-Pacific said.

According to Haas, doing something that you like or enjoy that is also physically taxing, will help you not lose motivation as quickly and will get a good workout in, as well. For example, if you enjoy basketball or soccer, practice on your own or with a sibling. The main idea is that you have fun with what you are doing along with working out.

“I enjoy that I’m able to be creative and try different workouts with different types of equipment,” said sophomore Amara Ueligitone.

Haas also recommends more crossfit or circuit training because they work different areas of the body such as cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength while targeting multiple muscle groups.

“During quarantine an exercise that I’ve gotten into is jump rope,” said Freshman Akira Robertson-Chambers, a varsity soccer player.

When training, you need to be careful of over training and not letting your muscles heal. ”

— Rich Haas

Haas suggested a daily workout schedule with minimal intensity. When working with weights or intense running, Haas suggested an every other day workout schedule. He explained that the extra day in between workouts allows your body to heal from the workout.

“When training, you need to be careful of over training and not letting your muscles heal,” Haas said. 

Freshman varsity water polo player Kamana’o Morton said he built a home gym with his dad during the first week of spring break and finished it on Tuesday of the second week. He enjoys doing bench presses, weighted squats and bicep curls.

“I’ve been working out six days a week,” Morton said. 

Like Morton, Ueligitone has the privilege of working out at home.

“Some people don’t have a home gym, so at least I have a set of weights at home,” said Ueligitone

According to Haas, one of the benefits of working out at home is the variety of workouts you can do.  His suggested body weight exercises are push ups or pull ups, long distance running and weightlifting.

“On top of the exercises assigned by my sports team, I like to weight-lift, do cardio and do sport specific activities,” Robertson-Chambers said.

Staff writer Kamm Kojima contributed to this report.