SGA builds campus community through daily events while students are off campus


A screen shot of students participating in a “Wear it Wednesday” event. The SGA has sent daily e-mails to students as a way to build school spirit while students are off campus.

Althea Lutz, Staff Writer

In an attempt to pull Mid-Pacific’s community closer together while being physically separated, the SGA has been conducting daily activities.

The six members of the SGA worked hard to make these daily tasks possible, said Bill Wheeler, SGA advisor.

The goal of the activities is to spread school spirit while giving students something fun to look forward to.

“Originally, we just kind of sat down and were thinking that if we weren’t going to end up going back to campus we still wanted to have something that kind of broke up the monotony of day-after-day sitting behind the screen and throw some spirit in there,” said sophomore Julian Ibarra, an SGA officer.

Not only were the tasks seen as a solution to boredom, but they also served as a meaningful reminder.

“By doing daily activities, we don’t only bring out school spirit in the students, but we also remind each other that we’re still here and we’re going to stick together through these times,” said sophomore Lauren Hayashi, an SGA officer.

By doing daily activities, we don’t only bring out school spirit in the students, but we also remind each other that we’re still here and we’re going to stick together through these times.”

— Lauren Hayashi

The SGA was influenced by previous events they held on campus before online school when planning for these activities.

“We definitely did find inspiration through past school activities and spirit weeks\; these are kind of like mini spirit weeks if you think about it,” said junior Summer Chiang, an SGA officer.

Every week, the activities, “Motivational Monday”, “Try it Tuesday”, “Wear it Wednesday”, “Trivia Thursday” and “Find it Friday” are repeated. There is strong reasoning for each of the daily exercises.

“The intent behind Try it Tuesday was that in times where we’re not going to be leaving the house and we’re actually going to be staying in, it’s a great time to take advantage of the opportunity of trying something new or something we wouldn’t do if we weren’t in quarantine. For example, one of them was to do a chore around the house. By doing that chore, we hoped it would help students to realize how to be helpful and how to do this without being told to do or just to be responsible and take initiative,” Hayashi said.

“We just wanted to have one day of the week where you could see your classmates — or even your teachers — wearing something special, like glasses or sports shirts,” Chiang said in the context of Wear it Wednesday.

When the activities began, their outcomes weren’t ideal.

“There was definitely a period at the beginning where — it was the first day, we were coming off of a 4 day weekend and on the Tuesday we only got two video responses, one was from a teacher and one was actually someone from SGA,” Ibarra said, “More and more people started participating, so I think, yeah, overall, we are satisfied, even though the start was a little bit rocky.”

Even now, the SGA is looking for more support and hoping for an increase in student participation.

“We could always use more school spirit, especially because we have so many high school students and the amount of submissions that we’ve been getting doesn’t add up to everyone,” Hayashi said.

Although the cooperation wasn’t all that it could be, the SGA has remained understanding with the given circumstances.

“We always would love for there to be more, but we understand that with the pandemic, and especially, because there still is school with homework every day and stuff like that, that not everyone can participate,” Chiang said.

Overall, the SGA is thankful for all the participants that they’ve gotten and content with the outcome.

“It’s really heartwarming for us to see all the people participating — students, faculty and staff — in these activities and bonding through them,” Ibarra said.