Students show their personality through their water bottles

Kayla Tom, Staff Writer

Expressing yourself through your water bottle. That may seem odd, but a personalized water bottle can showcase your emotions and personality.

At Mid-Pacific, students have unique water bottles that make it personal to them. The water bottle has its own journey, and it may tell the owner’s journey as well.
Sophomore Zachary Orr said that he looked at his water bottle and thought it was boring, so he decided to put stickers on it, and it now “looks cool and original.” His most sentimental sticker is the one he won at a skate camp.

“I won it by eating the most hotdogs in one minute out of a bunch of kids” ”

— Zachary Orr

Along with the story it tells, decorating and personalizing your water bottle can be a fun activity. You design it how you want, expressing what you like, what you strive for, and what you feel.

“I got my water bottle for Christmas and collected the stickers from Pura Vida, a sustainable business. It took a couple months to collect all the stickers, and I definitely want to add more,” said Freshman Haia Stein, who carries a turquoise Yeti.

Adding stickers will definitely make your water bottle pop out more, making it easier to identify. Some people like the idea of adding stickers to make their water bottles distinctive.

“My water bottle has stickers on it from shows that I like, like anime. Some of my friends bought me the stickers on it, and my water bottle is plain white so I wanted to add some personalizations to it, although I do want to buy a cover for it,” said Sophomore Logan Ruth, who carries a white Yeti.

Junior Jadie Chong said that she has seen kids with stickers on their water bottles and she loves collecting them and putting them everywhere.

“I have a sticker on my water bottle from my old dance studio that means a lot to me, and my old dance studio logo is printed on there and not everyone can have that. I also really like my prince sticker a lot because it represents so many different things,” said Chong, who carries a white H2Go Hawaii water bottle.

Chong said that she wishes to get a bigger water bottle so she can put more stickers on it.

“I like my Yeti water bottle, it keeps everything cold. I just wanted my water bottle to stand out so I decided to add stickers on it. The Hawaii sticker is what makes it unique. It was from years ago and I saved it, and I don’t think anyone else has this sticker,” said Senior Austin Nishina, who carries a silver Yeti.

Every water bottle is different, whether it has a little dent in it or a scratch, or if it has customizations by whoever owns the water bottle.

“I went to a surf tournament a few years ago at the North Shore, and I customized the cap and the band color of the cap. I just really like the color combination with red and blue. The best part of my water bottle is my cap because I’ve never really seen anybody with different colored caps,” said Sophomore Elilai Petko, who carries a red Hydro Flask with a blue cap and turquoise handle.

Petko likes her water bottle because she can tell her own water bottle apart from others, and it’s very unique and particular to her taste.

“I really like how different my stickers are. I have a water polo sticker and I want to advertise water polo. I also have a very personal sticker, it’s a sticker from Kiel, a city from Germany, where I’m from and where my grandparents live. The sticker represents that city and draws a connection back to my family,” said Petko.

Junior Isabella Muzzi said that if she was going to carry a water bottle around, then she would want to personalize it.

“Stickers are always a good decoration. I decided to add stickers because they would look cool and make my water bottle less boring. Certain stickers I have are unique because I got them when I traveled, so it’s probably unlikely that I would see someone at school with the exact same ones,” said Muzzi who uses a white Hydro Flask.

Senior Sarae Miguel said that she just wanted to make her black water bottle less boring and more identifiable.

“Some stickers are from places I’ve visited or given to me by friends that thought would represent me. My Mid-Pacific sticker was given to me by my dad which he saved from the 70s, but my favorite part is the frame sticker because it’s kind of funny,” said Miguel who carries a black unknown brand water bottle.

Freshman Hadyn Saldania-Durbin said that she’ll never really be finished with her water bottle because she would eventually add more stickers on as they peel off.

“My favorite feature to my water bottle is the stickers, however some of these stickers I don’t like, so I’m looking forward to changing them,” said Saldania-Durbin who carries a turquoise Yeti.

Sophomore Ethan Chang has a very different water bottle, one that not many other people would have. He got the idea from his hula class, and he handcrafted it himself, made out of huge bamboo.

“I just wanted a water bottle that I could hold clean water in. The most unique part of my water bottle is the sustainable part of it, that it’s up-cycled from nature. Although, I do like how tall and wide it is to hold a lot of water,” said Chang, who uses a bamboo handmade water bottle.

Chang said that he isn’t completely finished with his water bottle and may want to add a design to it. Designing your own water bottle gives the owner to have their own creativity.

“Putting stickers on my water bottle is a form of expression and I enjoy it because I can use creativity and personalize it to my liking,” said Muzzi.