Is an expensive outfit worth it for high school students?


Laura Chouette

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Archer Liang, Staff Writer

They looked the same. The $5 t-shirt and the $20 t-shirt sitting directly next to each other making it nearly impossible to accurately guess the price. Should you choose the more expensive t-shirt? Will it be worth the money?

The price of outfits depends on many different factors. For example, shirts with better materials tend to be more expensive. However when teenagers buy their outfits, they often focus more on the brand because the name of it is what makes the product more costly.

Freshman Daryin Kewana, interested in streetwear, said his favorite brand was Jordan and Nike. He would rather choose outfits that are more expensive, and one of his Jordan shoes cost more than $200.

“I expected the price for the brand because they are well known and popular, and [that’s why] people want to buy it,” said Kewana.

Beside that, the price of products like makeup depends on the effect it has. Products that are more expensive tend to look more natural, and they are better for the environment.

Sophomore Willow Heim said she would prefer makeup that costs more that are not tested on animals.

“Better makeup seeps more in your skin, it’s not just sitting there, you can tell it is painted there. It looks more natural,” said Heim.

Function was also a factor that would raise the price of products. Clothes that are appropriate in nice restaurants were more expensive, according to sophomore Kash Choy who loves Dolce & Gabbana.

“Sometimes people don’t really believe that things are that cheap on Shein, the quality of the produce are not terrible, but you get what you pay for.”

— Kylie Cortez

“I often go to nice restaurants, and I need to represent my dad’s company with nice clothes,” said Choy.

Online shopping allows customers to use points and discounts, whereas in-person shopping requires customers to make shopping social and they get to feel the material of products.

It also provides great deals with mediocre qualities that are not bad. Shein is an example of this. Sophomore Kylie Cortez said the quality of the products are not the worst.

“Sometimes people don’t really believe that things are that cheap on Shein, the quality of the produce are not terrible, but you get what you pay for,” said Cortez.

Junior Faith-Marie Rawlins said products in Shein are not always worth buying.

“It’s either a hit or a miss,” she said.

Expensive outfits are worth it. When looking at the $5 and $20 t-shirts, the material of the more expensive t-shirt is going to feel more comfortable and more durable. Rather than buying things that are going to sit in your closet for years, try to minimize them, and get something that might cost more but will make you happy; that will make you more confident wearing them.

High school is a great time to figure out what kinds of outfits, makeup, and style you like, and people can find a lot of confidence in appearance

However, there are arguments saying that they are not worth the money.

“Clothes are just clothes at the end of the day,” said Choy.