Goodbye Na Pueo


2021-2022 Editors-in-Chief, Siena Usui and Chelsee Sawai.

“Hope” captures my sense of the year.

Restrictions eased, events increased, and normalcy made a comeback. Prom, an integral part of high school life, was an experience for which I was grateful to even have due to the past two years of the pandemic.

We endured so much change during what is already considered some of the most stressful and turbulent times of youth. Yet we are still moving forward; whether it be entering a new grade or leaving high school to go on a new path altogether, change is constant.

When I first entered this class in freshman year, I was very quiet and unsure of myself. Yet I was hopeful that I would be able to learn at least something and with that goal in mind, I ended up taking journalism for all four years of high school. Being co-Editor-in-Chief was probably the most challenging leadership position I had in journalism, but at the same time it was extremely rewarding. To say, “have some hope” is a bit cheesy, but to just be able to use that to push yourself a step further is so important.

Difference does not have to be a negative thing. Each of us have gone through ups and downs, and we have emerged so much stronger than you might think. Don’t underestimate your strength, keep having hope for the future because you never know till you try.

Thank you Na Pueo for all the memories, and to our journalism class: I’m so proud of our hard work and the awards we won this year even with all the ups and downs. We did it!

From, Siena Usui


Let’s do a thought experiment. What if we were to think about this pandemic from a different approach? Yes, it is sad that there was a lot that didn’t happen and events that were missed.

But we as people grew and developed over the course of COVID-19. We may have had discoveries about ourselves such as the idea that we like to try new things, the type of people we want to be, or something as deep as what our purpose in life is. In a way, the good that came out of the pandemic was that it gave us opportunities that allowed us to respond to worldwide disasters through our own experiences. We were able to ask ourselves: Who am I?

It is with great sadness and pride at the same time that I have to say farewell to you all as a co-Editor-in-Chief as we end the school year on a high note.

There were highs with all that our newsroom accomplished as the biggest journalism class in the history of Mid-Pacific, but there were also struggles trying to find a good balance in our writing and coordination. However, leading everyone through this school year couldn’t have been better because of the inner ability of mine to be able to ask myself: is this what a good leader would do?

I leave you with the idea that as we close a chapter, look at who we are now, because we’ve grown in so many areas that you may not realize at first glance.

From, Chelsee Sawai