New Assistant Principal of Student Life: Rebecca Hodge

Rebecca Hodge loves giving back to the community. And as the newest addition to Mid-Pacific’s administration team, Assistant Principal of Student Life Hodge will get her chance.

Hodge earned her degree in microbiology from the University of Michigan, and a degree in teaching from Eastern Michigan University. Since then, she has taught grade levels four and all the way up to high school.

“Mid-Pacific has a rigorous curriculum and the community is very warm and welcoming,” Hodge says. She aims to learn and explore more about diversity, equity and inclusion issues here at Mid-Pacific.

She has lived in Hawaii for 11 years with her husband, six-year-old daughter and a silky terrier named Cody. Outside of work life, she enjoys spending time with her family, roller skating and doing community service.

“When you can do, you do,” Hodge says.

Whenever she can, she likes to do something to help out around the island, whether it be making meals for The First Step Shelter, serving meals at the Ronald McDonald House or picking up trash on the beach. Helping out is a part of who she is.

“When you see there’s a need, jump in and help out,” Hodge says.

And by helping out, she fosters the opportunity to strengthen the school community.

She hopes that the community of Mid-Pacific will support and empower one another throughout the year and be able to create closer bonds.

During this school year, Hodge wishes to advise a club to foster better relationships with students and wants everyone to know that they all have support in her.