New High School Art Teacher: Tobi Kishimoto


Charley Paulino

Tobi Kishimoto

Tobi Kishimoto loves inspiring students.

Kishimoto, once a part-time teacher, has joined Mid-Pacific’s art department. The new teacher, a native of Oahu, will teach grades 9-12.

Kishimoto decided to become a teacher because they like working with people and being social.

“It also helps me pass my knowledge and to learn from others who could be better than me at this school and to learn their different styles,” Kishimoto said.

As a child, Kishimoto’s parents inspired them to go to their fullest potential as an artist. Their father helped Kishimoto draw their favorite Pokémon. Their mother just knew how to draw stick figures, but it still helped Kishimoto get involved in art. Kishimoto’s favorite art style is Anime, but they are trying to get involved with abstraction and the artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Kishimoto, who uses they/them pronouns, wants to inspire their students by getting them used to depicting themselves as an art piece.

“It’s about expressing themselves and helping them find who they are through art. I want to help them put what’s in their head onto paper,” Kishimoto said.

In Kishimoto’s perspective, art allows students to learn.

“It’s a nice outlet. Even if you’re not great you can still express how you’re feeling as art. Everybody has an art project as a hobby,” Kishimoto said.

Kishimoto dedication to art is a huge source of pleasure.

“I’ve been doing it forever. It feels a part of who I am and have been experiencing. I love that in art I can do something serious,” they said.