Banned Book Week


Want to pick up a Harry Potter novel at your school library? How about The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian? In some schools, that is no longer possible.

But at Mid-Pacific’s library you can.

Doing their part, the Mid-Pacific library is showcasing the right to read while combating efforts to censor what books line our shelves.

From Sept. 18-24, National Banned Book Week highlights these important issues.

“Banned book week is sponsored by the American Library Association, and it’s really an awareness week, so that people can actually have conversations around the appropriateness of books, and of having students have access to them,” David Wee, director of library and media sources, said.

In some communities, parents have challenged the libraries’ right to make available certain books, including the Harry Potter series, which has been accused of promoting witchcraft and being too mature for young readers.

Librarian Nicole Goff will be running Banned Book Trivia and Bingo, both of which offer rewards to the winners. If interested in participating, visit Kawaiahao library before September 24th.

And while you’re at it – check out a book.