Senior Camp Back in Full Force


Tyrael Goo

Makela Pick soars in the air as she and her cabin sing Frozen’s “Let It Go” during the cabin karaoke.

Tyrael Goo, Staff Writer

Camryn Machado, Natalie Maunakea, Joseph Mendez, Mackenzie Lovett, Brendan Choy, and Adam Ward bury Ikaika Koa Aplaca-Donlin on the beach against the sunset. (Tyler Leong)


TJ Sim dances to the song “Dancing Queen” by ABBA during cabin karaoke. (Tyrael Goo)


Sebastien Kiyabu, Cole Kodama, Torin Lund, Michael Loke, Aiden Lee, Alex Kelly, and Abigail Kim pull together in a game of tug-of-war. (Tyrael Goo)


Spencer Fleming and Natalie Maunakea dance and play music improv in front of the campfire. (Tyrael Goo)


Haojin Song and Kosuke Doyama sing and play songs in front of the campfire. (Tyrael Goo)


Spencer Fleming, Kiet Dinh, and Rina Doyama take a selfie on the bus ride back to school after senior camp. (Spencer Fleming)