Last Year of Mid-Pacific Pac-5 Football


Alexander Haugaard, Staff Writer

Pac-5 Football will be played at Mid-Pacific for the last time this year, after a long history for almost five decades.

This season has had a promising start, with a record of 2-0 against teams Kalaheo and Pahoa. Senior Damian Lapitan starred in the Pahoa game with a pick-6. There are more challenging games ahead of them, specifically against Iolani and Saint Louis.

Mid-Pacific will be out of Pac-5 by 2023, a decision made by President Paul Turnbull and Athletic Director Scott Wagner.

“For years, we had a slowing interest in football, even before the pandemic. We looked at the decreasing number of kids with interest, versus the impact on our facilities and staff,” Wagner said.

Justin Fukuroda has been playing with Pac-5 for five years. He said that this year was the best with the new coaching staff.

“The staff help support me both on the field and off the field,” Fukuroda said.

His favorite part of Pac-5 was that he was able to make new friends he wouldn’t have met without football.

Fukuroda felt the decision was not helpful for the students and didn’t understand why Mid-Pacific pulled out.

“There is no benefit for Midpac from pulling out of Pac-5, it just is unfortunate for everyone at Mid-Pacific,” he said.

Senior James Kimo Okano said Mid-Pacific pulling out of Pac-5 takes away an opportunity for students.

It is a real shame. Pac-5 was an important part of my life and I’ll cherish the time I played for years to come”

— James Kimo Okano

“It is a real shame. Pac-5 was an important part of my life and I’ll cherish the time I played for years to come,” said Okano.

Okano believed that playing Pac-5 football made him a better football player and human being. He regrets Mid-Pacific leaving Pac-5, however, is happy for the opportunity that he had and would hope that someday Mid-Pacific would join Pac-5 again.

“Football helped me be a better person by the learning lessons on the field and from the coaches,” Okano said.