Now Airing: The Fantasticks

Ava Kaneshiro, Staff Writer

Linda Johnson’s production of The Fantasticks is airing tonight at 4:30 PM, free and exclusive for students tonight.

The performance dates are October 20-23 and October 27-30. It is free on Thursdays, but costs $3 for Mid-Pac students, $5 for other students/military/seniors, and $10 for adults on every other day.

The performers are: ‘Eleu Lukey ‘25, Alaina Visi ‘23 and Melissa Spencer ‘23, Luke Perrin ‘23, Erika Leong ‘25 and Michelle Kelly ‘24, Michi Yorkston ‘25 and Eva Rogers ‘25, Aiden Rinderer ‘23, and Kailey Holbrook ‘25.

Promotional art for the posters for the show. (Melissa Spencer)

The Fantasticks is a comedic, romantic musical about a boy and a girl in love. The narrator, El Gallo, asks the audience to use their imagination and follow him into a world of moonlight and magic. The boy and the girl fall in love, grow apart, and finally find their way back to each other after realizing the truth in El Gallo’s words, “without a hurt, the heart is hollow.”

“Everyone must see it. It’s funny, has great music, fun dancing, and the characters are really magical. It is definitely Fantastick,” said Johnson.