How do you feel about Queen Elizabeth II’s death? (October 24, 2022)


Ellie Fink, Staff Writer

Question: How do you feel about Queen Elizabeth II’s death?

Upon Queen Elizabeth II’s death, many throughout the world have shared several different sentiments. Here are some opinions of the Mid-Pacific students.


“Well, I think it is really sad because she was very highly respected and it also makes me wonder how the people are going to treat the new king, because of how much respect they had for the king. Will they have enough to give the new king?””

— Elle White, freshman
















“I feel bad that someone died, but she’s not my queen, you know? I can mourn her death as someone that’s left this world, like yeah, that’s sad, but she’s not my queen, you know?””

— Shea Yuen, freshman









“I honestly thought she’d live forever, but I mean she was a good woman.””

— Elia Hakikawa, freshman









“I think it was a sad thing that the queen died. I feel like she should’ve lived longer since she’s apparently had a balanced diet. Rest in peace.””

— Isabella Delsi, freshman

“I think that it’s tragic, but it was bound to come. Like, I saw it coming.””

— Maximus Latu, freshman