Happy Aloha United Way Week!


Riko Santos, Staff Writer

Students have kicked off the first Aloha United Way week after two years of its cancellation due to the pandemic. 

In past years, Mid Pacific held fundraising opportunities to help donate to Aloha United Way (AUW). 

AUW advances the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community by bringing together resources, organizations, and people.

“My favorite memory is the bake sale. You can get good food and you’re also giving back to others so it’s a win-win,” said freshman Alexis Viernes.

Each day of the week is lined up with different activities to help raise money in lively ways to get the community of Mid-Pacific involved. Students should bring cash, because they won’t want to miss out on opportunities for class prizes. 

Monday kicked off the week with the Aloha Gram Sale during lunch. Students could buy grams, which will later be distributed during Thursday’s Office Hours. 

On Tuesday students voted for one of two teachers to lip sync during the class auction on Friday by placing money in the jar of the teacher they’d like to see perform. These jars were placed at Kawaiaha’o in Watase courtyard, and at Scudder Dining Hall.

“Put money in my jar to see me lip sync on Friday,” said IB Environmental Science and Systems Teacher Sarah Vasconcellos. 

Wednesday was Class Money Jars. Class officers carried around money jars to collect money from their classmates throughout the day. The class with the most donations wins a prize. And it looks like the winners will be the 10th grade. Here are the results:

1st place – sophomores ($314.55)

2nd place – freshmen ($294.28)

3rd place – seniors ($98.52)

4th place – juniors ($14.95)

Thursday during lunch at Scudder, soda, and boba were sold. 

Lastly, Friday is the AUW auction during the class meeting. The auction can get interesting as students bid against each other for different items.

One of the most anticipated events will be the auctioning off of a teacher getting hit in the face with a pie.

“I want to see Dr. Priester get a pie in the face. That would be funny,” said Ellie Fink. 

Since this is the first year back having AUW week, the students and faculty are excited as we bring back traditions and create memories as a school again.

Two years ago, one of the highlights of AUW week was watching the upperclassmen bid over pizza during the class auction. The pizza alone raised $250.

“I’m most excited about Friday because I love watching people fight over the auction items like a box of pizza,” said senior Elias Heshiki.