Computer Science Week

Emi Lew, Staff Writer

Due to technology’s quickly advancing development, Mid-Pacific is making a push to educate its students about the digital world with Computer Science Week.

Computer Science Week is celebrated nationally and internationally from December 5-1. It aims to bring awareness to the importance of computer science and to promote student involvement.

The celebration was kicked off early for the high school with a talk from alumni Annette Lee, a worker at the National Security Agency, who shared her journey from the field of art to technology.

During the week, student parent and Chief Technology Officer of Materport, Japjit Tulsi, is also coming to speak about his journey to the high school.

The CyberOwls and computer science students are going to the elementary school with short activities to get the children to begin to understand the thinking behind computer science.

This is the second straight year that Mid-Pacific is celebrating Computer Science Week. After the success of 2021, the technology department is optimistic about this year.

“In our society, moving forward and understanding how our systems work is going to be essential. Understanding how information is gathered, articulated and presented will benefit our students. We are not moving away from the digital age,” Director of Educational Technology Brian Grantham said.