What is the song that represents your 2022? (January 9, 2023)

Archer Liang, Staff Writer

Question: What is the song that represents your 2022?

The Mid-Pacific community shared their thoughts on what songs represent their experience with the last year, 2022. See the full playlist of all of the songs the community suggested at the bottom of this page.












La Vie en Rose (English) – Romantic but calm. Listen to repeat. Something nice to hear when you are struggling.”

— Anabella Arzate












Sweet Caroline – It makes everyone happy.”

— Tanner Queyrel












Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z – Over the summer, this was the only song I heard in NYC and it was really annoying, but it summarizes my summer well.”

— Bryce Nishida







Golden Hour by JVKE – Yeah, that definitely is the one.”

— Freshman lunch group outside of bio room












Infinitesimal by Mother Mother – It brings back memories because I saw them in concert. It felt fake. The year felt fake.”

— Maya Copeland