Top 8 fears About Going to College


Kayla Tom

College Fears with Seniors: Sachi Yorkston, Kyler Osaki, and Dorthea Yoakum.

Mehana Watanabe, Staff Writer

Worried about going off to college? Well, take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Students discuss a few of their top 8 fears about heading off to college.

Financial Fears – How am I going to afford college?

One of the top fears about going away to college is the financial aspect. College tuition can range from $12,000 to $77,000 per year depending on what school you attend.

“Affording college is definitely something that my family and I have been talking about for a while now, having to make sure I can receive financial aid or some type of scholarship is huge,” said junior Adam Katz.

Getting Homesick – Won’t I miss home too much?

Most students who live in Hawai’i aren’t used to being away from home or their families for long periods. The tropical weather, beautiful scenery, and short commutes are something that can be taken for granted and easily missed when moving to the mainland.

“I’ve never experienced being away from my family, so the thought of moving away is so scary,” said Katz.

Losing my significant other – What if distance causes my partner and I relationship trouble?

Relationships can also be a big contributing factor when deciding where to attend the next four years of your life. The thought of not being at the same school or even in the same state as your significant other may get some couples distressed.

“My boyfriend and I are planning to make long distance work while I go off to college since he’s still a junior, but it definitely won’t be easy and will take lots of communication,” said senior Maddison Adams.

Fear of failure – What if I don’t succeed?

Having to adapt to a new grading system, teaching style and schedule might be a lot to learn at first. And the thought of everything being different.

“I’m used to doing pretty well in my classes, so when I think of having to go to a new school and possibly not succeeding at first makes me a little uneasy,” said senior Amaya Moreno.

Fear of change – How will I adjust by myself?

High school students are usually codependent on their parents or guardians to provide meals or drive them to school and activities daily. However, when you are now living on your own, these responsibilities and tasks are things we need to complete ourselves.

“I think once I move away, I’m going to appreciate my parents way more than I do now. I don’t know how I’m going to do all this on my own,” said Adams.

Roommates – What if my roommate is weird?

The thought of having to live with someone that you’ve never met before is certainly a thought that can linger in the back of your mind. What if I don’t match with my roommate? What if my roommate is super messy or loud? What if my roommate doesn’t like me? These may be some frequent questions that you constantly think about while preparing to leave for college.

“I’m used to my own room and space and the thought of having to share a smaller room with someone I don’t know yet is kinda weird,” said Moreno.

Making Friends – Who will be my new best friend?

Friends are something that can make the whole school experience 10 times better. So trying to make new friends at college can seem intimidating and uncomfortable.

Safety – How will I be kept safe on campus and off?

Safety is an important aspect while choosing and attending a school for you. It may be more important to your parents then it is to you, but living on your own in a new place can be scary at times. It’s key to make sure you’re in an environment you can trust and feel safe in.

“The world is changing and getting dangerous day by day. I wouldn’t choose a school in a sketchy area especially being a female,” said Adams.