Meet Your Student Government (SGA)


Mikayla Oshiro

A group shot of the high school student government association (SGA).

Charley Paulino, Staff Writer

The Mid-Pacific Student Government Association (SGA) has collected $722.30 from high school students during the Aloha United Way (AUW) fundraiser.

This event improved school spirit and was a large part of Mid-Pacific’s transition away from Covid-19 rules and regulations

SGA is the main student leadership organization at Mid-Pacific. To be a part of SGA, students are chosen by their peers and by the previous year and serve throughout the following year.

SGA is in control of the planning and implementation of schoolwide activities and events. SGA organizes events like Leadership Camp, High School Picnic, AUW week, Christmas Assembly, and Homecoming/Spirit Week.

2022-2023 SGA members, senior Jesse Solis, sophomore Serena Solis, junior Jackson Ibarra, junior Jonah Gillia, Junior James Kaminer, Sophomore Mason Chiang, and Senior Archer Liang share their experience running AUW week.

SGA is involved with setting up activities involving AUW week. AUW week is a fundraising event, where Mid-Pacific students give money to charity.

Serena Solis is an attending 10th grader. “This event is a great opportunity for students to donate and give back to their community with the help of the Aloha United Way foundation,” Serena said.

“AUW Week is instrumental in supporting the idea that our school can teach the ideal that it is always right to give back to the less fortunate, but at the same time it is consequential in showing our progressiveness;: our ability to open up as a school, and to provide opportunities to the activities we once loved before the pandemic,” Junior SGA member Jonah Gillia said.

“I thought the week was a success! I feel AUW is a great organization because they help support our community, so any money we can donate to help them is great,” SGA member James Kaminer said.

“It is exciting because it has been so long since we’ve gotten involved with students. I am happy to see people participating in school events that raise school pride,” SGA member Archer Liang said.

Bill Wheeler Director of school activities, shares his thoughts on the importance of SGA for students.

“SGA provides leadership opportunities for students who care about our school and want to make a difference. These students want to be school leaders who are involved in the school community and help to shape student life at Mid-Pacific. They are willing to put in the time and effort to serve our school and our students,” Wheeler said.