Celebrating Spirit Week


Ellie Fink

Brennan Fong on Fashion No-No Tuesday

Ellie Fink, Staff Writer

From January 17 through 21, Mid-Pacific will be celebrating spirit week, a way for students to show their school spirit. The themes were Fashion No-No Day Tuesday, where students dressed in mismatching, brightly colored clothes, Adam Sandler Day Wednesday, a day for baggy clothes, Anything But a Backpack Day Thursday, where students brought anything from a laundry basket to a stroller, and Pueo Pride Day Friday, where students dressed in green and white with face paint and tattoos.

Here are some photos of the students celebrating this week.

Isabella Delsi on Pueo Pride Friday. (Ellie Fink)


Freshman Isabella Delsi on Adam Sandler Wednesday


8th grade Jolie Taura on Anything But a Backpack Thursday