Celebrating the Pep Rally


Charlize Gaudiello

Boys Basketball Player Rye Nicholson 23′ dunks the ball while his team cheers him on.

Charlize Gaudiello, Editor in Chief

On January 21st, Mid-Pacific celebrated the Varsity basketball teams, our first sideline cheer team, the Owls of Honor, and Mid-Pacific’s Alumni Employees. Here are some photos of this event.

Junior cheerleader Malia Darling smiles at the camera after her squad preformed, while her friends cheer her on in the background. (Charlize Gaudiello)


Senior Ethan Chang is greeted by the crowd when he rolls onto the gym floor for his senior player announcement. (Charlize Gauidello)


Mid-Pacific Cheerleaders get the crowd pumped up for the Girls and Boys Basketball Homecoming games. (Charlize Gaudiello)




Senior Coehn Nakasone and junior Payton Dixon get ready to play a game of Basketball Musical Chairs. (Charlize Gaudiello)