What are your Valentine’s Day plans? (February 14, 2023)

Emi Lew, Staff Writer

Question: What are your Valentine’s Day plans?












Nothing. I’m alone, so I’ll play some volleyball and watch TV. I’ll go outside. I do want some chocolate though, gonna eat some chocolate.”

— Brennan Flores ‘26












I don’t have any plans. I want to have a good day, not a bad day, that’s all.”

— Sienna Weber ‘26









This Valentine’s day, I am going to spoil myself by watching chick flicks with my dog because my dog loves chick flicks.”

— Juliana Sing ‘25











I’ll be doing daily things because I’m a creature of habit and I don’t really do anything different from my daily stuff. So, homework, studying for any upcoming test or quiz, swim practice and just spending time with my friends.”

— Emma Nakamoto ‘26