New Global Politics Teacher: April Babcock


Ryan Choi

April Babcock, the new Global Politics teacher, in front of one of the posters in her classroom.

Ryan Choi, Staff Writer

The new teacher April Babcock doesn’t like homework.

Although she doesn’t like giving out homework, it’s a necessary part of IB, and she feels it’ll help the class out.

Not only is she a great teacher, but she’s a fun one as well. She can ride a motorcycle and was mentored by her dad.

She likes her classroom because the view is great, but the best is that she has control of the AC.

“The view is great but the AC is very nice.”

But the most important part about her room is the bulletin boards that the teacher before her installed.

“Whoever put up the bulletin boards, I’m so thankful.”

She teaches IB Global Politics and shows the love that she deserves, April Babcock. She joined Mid-Pacific because of the background they have.

Babcock loves to teach IB Global Politics. She found out that she has an interest in social studies from the university she attended.

She is a mother of children, but also cats. She has a black and orange cat named Pumpkin.

During her summer vacation, she went to Montana. Unfortunately, she got sick, but her family convinced her to go camping at a state park and dig up crystals. Although she was tired and dying from the summer sun, she powered through.

“I was tired but being outside with my family made it worth it.”