Freshman students say high school presents challenges

Siena Usui, Staff Writer

Freshman year: new classes, new lockers, new schedule, new friends. Many students at Mid-Pacific said the transition to high school can be challenging.

An international student from Japan told some of her struggles while adjusting to Mid-Pacific.

“The hardest thing was making friends, especially with local students,” said Hanae Kanazawa, a ninth grade student.

To help ease the transition, the school plans events that are designed to help students make new friends.

“One of the things is the initial orientation day and all of the activities that are meant to build community. For example our freshman picnic, our all school picnic, class meetings, and homeroom activities,” said Kelli Fitter.

How well students perform academically in ninth grade can predict their future success, according to a 2017 study from the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research.

Fitter wants students to know that the deans are there for them, and gave advice to the freshman students such as managing their time early on in the school year. She also mentioned getting out of your comfort zone is very important. Some of her examples were taking a new class or talking to someone you don’t know.

“What students tell me is that they have to be more organized, they used to not put as much effort into homework and they need to do more in high school,” said Kelli Fitter.

Ethan Harrison talked about his experiences this year that could only be found in high school.

“I’ve had the chance to go to high school events like freshman picnic, all high school picnic, and I can now do a high school sport such as air riflery,” said Harrison.

A student athlete also said sports and schoolwork can be difficult keeping steady.

“It’s really tough being a cross country runner because you need to balance practice and homework,” said Parker Wagnild.