Bowling team strikes again

Maia D'Amato, Staff writer

Mid-Pacific’s bowling team striked again, winning an individual state championship and the ILH championships, according to Mid-Pacific Athletics. 

The team finished second with 7,433 points at the state tournament and the team’s regular season ILH record was 36-3, according to Mid-Pacific Athletics. 

Junior co-captain Kai Yamada, took home the individual state championship with a total of 1,628 points and won the ILH Jared Kaufmann Memorial Bowling Tournament. 

“I knew all the hard work I put in throughout the offseason and during season payed off,” said Yamada. 

Kai said he had one goal and that was to win states. He achieved his goal through his perseverance and self determination, as well as the struggles he endured. 

During the ILH season, Yamada said he was missing spares, but mid way through the season, he changed the way he shot and his game improved.

“I approach each shot with the intent of perfection,” said Yamada.

While playing, Yamada said he’s always trying his best to win and if he misses any shots, his next priority is to make a better spare or better shot. 

His mental toughness brought him success in this year’s individual state championships. 

Yamada’s teammate, junior Kody Manabe, also experienced mental toughness playing in the ILH championships. 

“From the season, the biggest take away is to never lose focus,” said Manabe.

There were times when the team lost energy, but when they were focused, it was like they couldn’t lose, said Manabe.