Restaurant Review: Island Brew Coffeehouse

Coffee house brings a welcoming mood.


Nyah Juliano

Acai bowl at Island Brew coffeehouse

Nyah Juliano, Contributing Writer

Coffee is a necessary drink to get you started for the day. Compared to the average Starbucks, Island Brew Coffeehouse will certainly bring you quality dining. You will get the sense that employees treat you like family, not as customers, and that each dish is made from the heart. Don’t be fooled by the name; it’s more than just a coffee house. With a wide range of menu items, this place will spice up your day.

Nestled in a corner overlooking the turquoise marina, Island Brew truly is the jewel of the rinky-dink shopping mall in which it resides. Interesting enough, two alternate worlds have come into existence to make what is the popular morning coffee house. Inside, baristas behind the counter exclaim, “Malabar Mocha for John,” whilst customers calmly sip on their lattes on the soft cushioned seats outside. It’s the perfect balance of hustle-and-bustle and relaxation. As you munch on your breakfast, notice how the sun shines through the umbrellas to illuminate your environment with warmth and brightness. The yellow rays of energy serve as another treat to the café experience.

This place is not your average, run-of-the-mill franchise where you grab your latte and leave. This eatery is very much a Hawaiian-style restaurant. The mood welcomes you in and keeps you there for an eternal summer morning. As for one of their featured menu items, the açaí bowl is a dish for the health-junkie-wannabe. One taste and your cheeseburger past is forgotten. Originally a Brazilian cuisine, the combination of the South American berry with varied oats and a fancy selection of fruits have recently become a popular snack for locals after a day at the beach. You’ll see kids, teenagers, and adults alike indulge in these fruitful bowls as a way to cool down on a hot day.

Casually waiting, something in the corner of your eye catches your attention, and boom, there it is: the açaí bowl. A dish made for the gods is neatly arranged into a smooth wooden bowl. Syrupy amber that makes the honey glistens in the sunlight as the waiter hands it down to you. With layers and layers of pure happiness, this bowl is the epitome of tropical decadence. The purple, creamy treasure is buried underneath mounds of granola as golden honey drizzles over it all. Slices of banana, strawberries, and blueberries effortlessly placed as the cherry on top. A creative clash of cream and crunch provide an equilibrium of flavorful textures. The açaí graciously melts in your mouth as you dollop a spoonful into your mouth. Admire it in all its glory as you go in for the second bite.

The Petit Pancakes is another one of their signature dishes. It comes with four, apple-sized pancakes and piled-high clouds of whipped cream on each of them. Crispy edges with a fluffy interior serve as a unique twist to the classic breakfast food. The sweetness of these golden circles will leave you surprised as warm and candy-like flavors come together in harmony to make your mouth water. Beware it might leave you in a trance making you want more. Don’t underestimate the power of these pancakes for good things come in small packages.

Overall, Island Brew poses as the ideal coffee house for all types of breakfast lovers. Whether you are a millennial hipster looking for aesthetic photos for your food blog, or an elder coming for your weekly morning routine, the doors are always open for you to enjoy whatever you please. If it be their petit pancakes or their açaí bowl, you’ll definitely find something to suit your own taste for a peaceful experience.