Restaurant Review: Brick Fire Tavern

Brick Fire Tavern believes in having fresh quality ingredients, some of which come straight from Hawaii.

Mia Macdonald, Contributing Writer

As soon as you open the door, the aroma of familiar pizza fills you. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the star of the show: the oven. The oven was commissioned in Naples, Italy showing the true authenticity seeping into this restaurant. The oven producing embers, warming you.

Brick Fire Tavern believes in having fresh quality ingredients some of which come straight from Hawaii. From herbs and pork from Waianae to beets from Mililani. They are the only restaurant on Oahu that is Vera Pizza Napoletana certified, meaning they have the ability to make authentic Neapolitan Pizza. Their oven heats up to a jaw dropping 900°F, boasting the pizza to be fully cooked in only 90 seconds.

Be aware that on a Saturday night you may have trouble getting a table. Counter tables are often the only seats available. So if you have more than two people in your party, I’d recommend making reservations. If you simply wish to have a pleasant conversation with your family and friends Brick Fire isn’t for you. The boisterous environment is definitely one to take into consideration. However the pizza definitely makes up for it. Being that we arrived on a Saturday night, it was a grueling and seemingly endless wait for our food. The owner later came by and said, “Sorry about the long wait, dessert is on the house!”. Brick Fire treats its consumers as family, seeing that they gave away a lot of free food that night.

The margherita pizza had the perfect ratio of flavorful tomato sauce, salty cheese, and a cloud-like crust with a gentle crunch to satisfy your hunger. The cheese gracefully slides off of the crust, but in an orderly fashion. If you order a topping of prosciutto it adds dimension.

Then, the pepperoni pizza is a revamped classic. The smell of the melted cheese along with the garlic smokey taste of pepperoni blends perfectly together in harmony. The flavors will feel familiar to you but with the spices amplified. With just a hint of a charred taste coming from the crust. Your Italian grandmother would be proud of you eating this meal.

But the best by far was the Nutella calzone dessert, which just so happened to be on the house. This piping hot calzone straight from the oven was made of a fluffy, airy crust filled with Nutella, fresh strawberries, and bananas. The rich hazelnut spread covers everything the eye could see. The crust-like exterior completely surrounds this delicacy. This super rich dessert is not for the faint hearted.



16 N Hotel Street Honolulu HI 96817


Starters/Soups/Salads: $5-15

Pizzas: $16-20

Desserts: $6-12