Lack of sleep creates a stressful nightmare for students


Rell Uehera, contributing artist

Students may not have as many late night study sessions now that final exams are cancelled for all courses. School officials announced that all final exams and projects worth 20 percent of the course grade would be cancelled this year.

Angelina Shaw, Staff Writer

Many Mid-Pacific students said they are lacking sleep, which could lead to health issues and effect how productive one can be during a school day.

“Lack of attention, lack of ability to focus, fatigue, which leads to increase in stress which can start a whole cascade of events that can turn to illness,” said school nurse, Lorena Gaskill.

Students often complain about being tired and not getting enough sleep and it is due to the stress of school and piles of homework assigned each night.

“I sleep around 3-4 hours maybe on a good night,” said 11th grader, Bree Yoneda.

Balancing homework, sports, and other activities can be very difficult which results in students staying up late and being exhausted the next day.

“I have sports and clubs so I don’t get home until 6:30-7:00, so I try to do some homework during lunch or school,” said 10th grader, Maddie Au.

Some students live far from school and have to wake up extra early so it is important to go to sleep at a reasonable hour so they are focused during school. 

“It’s bad for me to stay up late because I wake up at 4:30 every morning,” said 9th grader, Noah Gosiaco.

Sleep is essential for one’s health and can determine their attitude for the day, especially when students are in class they need to have full attention on the lesson and teacher which can be difficult when running off of 3 hours of sleep. 

“Besides nutrition, sleep is probably the #1 factor to having a good day at school,” said Gaskill.

Students can easily get distracted when trying to get work done and procrastination can lead to not getting work done and then going to sleep even later. 

“I think our iPads are very distracting. We end up looking things up and watching YouTube,” said 11th grader Kaia Hutchison.

Knowing what you have to get done and being organized can help a lot when trying to get more sleep because you can plan your time more wisely. 

“Prioritizing and learning to say no and not taking on too much and knowing what you can and cannot handle,” said Gaskill.

Finding anytime during the day to get schoolwork done will create less to do at night and allow students to get to sleep earlier. 

“I use my free period to my advantage to get all my work done and I will talk to my teachers if I need help so I also use office hours,” said Hutchison.

Lack of sleep can easily change one’s mood and quickly turn a good day into a bad one.

“I think sleep is really important because your mentality changes depending on how much sleep you get,” said Hutchison.