Homework: Does school grading policy make it optional?


Kayla Marutani, Staff Writer

Mid Pacific’s grading policy means homework doesn’t count for a grade. But does that mean students shouldn’t do it?

Many students were in favor of this policy, but others said they would rather have a grade attached to their homework. 

“I prefer that homework would be counted for every class because I think homework is a major factor towards success in the class,” said 11th grader Jihyoung Do. 

Students would be more motivated to do their homework if they got graded on it, said 12th grader Katherine Ganel.

“I think it would push people to do [homework], more, if it was graded or you got credit for it,” Ganel said. 

School officials said homework isn’t an optional aspect of school, even though in some classes, it’s not counted towards a student’s grade. 

“I’ve heard from teachers that homework doesn’t give them enough information to make a grade. Students tend to not do their homework, thinking it’s not necessary,” said 11th grade Dean Myron Seu. 

Although homework isn’t counted, it does help assist the teacher in knowing where a student stands and how they can help that student, said Seu. 

“If you just base your grade on the summative assessments or tests and quizzes, when you go in for office hours, the teacher has limited amount of data to know where you’re making your mistakes or how to help you,” said Seu.

Homework isn’t counted in most classes, but some math classes do require students to complete their homework, before they are able to retake a quiz or test. 

“Homework should be optional. However, our math classes are structured so that if we don’t do homework, we aren’t allowed to retake quizzes/tests,” said 11th grader Michael Tam.

Math classes require students to complete their homework because they need that extra practice, in order to reinforce the concepts they learned in class, said math teacher Roy Evans.

“When students do their homework, it gives me feedback on what they understand and what they don’t understand, in regard to the material we covered in the previous lesson,” said Evans. 

Although homework doesn’t count for a grade, turning it in on time helps a teacher with assessing students on their performance. 

“I’m in favor of homework that is due and turned in on time, so that it helps assist a teacher in coming up with an assessment with what you do,” said Seu.