Working hard in school can give you more opportunities for the future

Abigail Yagi, Staff Writer

Abigail Yagi, Student Survival Guide

Are high school relationships worth it?

Everyone who has dated in high school has different experiences and opinions on dating. No relationship is exactly the same, but with it being high school, they usually pan out similarly in the end meaning, you break up. You’re probably asking this question because you’re considering starting a relationship with someone, but wondering if it comes with more bad than good. If so, I will inform you on the benefits and negatives of dating. Probably the biggest fear of getting into a relationship is that you break up. This often leads to heartbreak and drama that you might not think is worth it considering you already have schoolwork to worry about. Relationships are also time-consuming. If you already have a hard time balancing school, sports, and extracurriculars, it would be unfair to your partner if you can’t give him or her the quality time that comes with a relationship. You also should remember that we’re high schoolers and we’re all trying to figure out who we are and what we want to be so, it makes sense that relationships often don’t last because people change and grow into new hobbies and interests. Now, I know I just went through a lot of negatives, but now I will tell you the reason why you might want to give relationships a shot. Relationships are learning experiences to learn both about your partner and most importantly yourself. Your first will most likely not be your last and you should see that experience as an opportunity to make the next relationship better. You also learn ways you can improve yourself in general, but you have to choose to learn from it. Overall, I think you should reflect to see if you’re ready to get into a relationship and ready to commit time and effort to someone else who’s counting on you to do so. I wish you the best of luck.

Do your high school grades determine the rest of your life?

Being a senior who is attending college, I can say that yes, technically high school grades can determine your life journey. Working hard in my academics from freshman year until now has given me more opportunities and options of where I want to take my next steps. My advice is that you should always try your best and hardest in school because it will only benefit you in the long run. Now, obviously, school doesn’t define who you are, and you shouldn’t think that it does. Colleges look for well-rounded individuals who thrive in all aspects such as athletics, extracurriculars and service in your community. Colleges also reward hard-workers who strive for improvement each year. I think you should make the most of the opportunities you are given because they were presented to you for a reason. It might seem like a pain now to earn good grades, but I promise you, you will thank yourself later. 

If you have two really good friends who hate each other, how do you make it better without picking sides?

Hello friend! I can definitely relate to your situation and the feeling of not wanting to make the situation worse than it already is. It would be ideal if all the people in our lives got along, but sadly we don’t live in a perfect world. If you want to make the situation better, my advice is to approach it with love. Don’t think about how the situation getting solved will benefit you, but think about your friend’s interests and how it will make their life easier if they got along. You should also remember that no matter how hard you try, some people just cannot get along with each other, and that is totally fine! Don’t force them to be best friends, but at least let them know they should have a basic level of respect for each other. If one of your friends talks badly about your other friend, tell them right at that moment that it’s not okay. If those all fail, tell them how you feel about the situation and how it puts you in an awkward position. I truly hope things work out for you and your friends.