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Na Pueo

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Na Pueo

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Na Pueo

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How did you spend Chinese New Year? (January 24, 2023)
Katie Troske, Staff Writer • January 24, 2023

Question: How did you spend Chinese New Year? This past Sunday was Chinese New Year, the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit on the Chinese...

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Riko Santos
Riko Santos
Back Page Editor

Riko Santos is a senior and a second-year journalist. This year, she is the Back Page Editor. Riko hopes to better balance college applications, homework, and a job after school as the year progresses.

The site of a racist incident between Mid-Pacific Boys Soccer players and Punahou Girls, two weeks ago.
Student disciplined for racial incident
Charlize Gaudiello, Staff Writer • January 24, 2023

Two weeks ago, there was a racist incident involving the Mid-Pacific Boys Soccer team and a visiting player from the Punahou Girls Soccer team. Video...

HS and MS Principal Dr. Dwayne Priester pursues his next step in Shanghai.
Farewell After 16 Years: Priester Headed for China
Charlize Guadiello, Editor-in-Chief • December 15, 2022

After a dedicated sixteen years on campus, Middle and High School Principal Dr. Dwayne Priester is setting his sights on a new school in China. Effective...

Computer Science Week
Computer Science Week
Emi Lew, Staff Writer • December 6, 2022

Due to technology’s quickly advancing development, Mid-Pacific is making a push to educate its students about the digital world with Computer...

Mid-Pacific Institute class of 2022 on their graduation day last school year.
Students leaving for college
Katie Troske, Staff Writer • January 26, 2023

For most students, home is where the heart is, but opportunities and college are leading their hearts away from Hawaiʻi. “You are introduced...

New Dean: Toni Nishida
New Dean: Toni Nishida
Ava Kagimoto, Staff Writer • January 23, 2023

Toni Nishida is a new addition to Mid-Pacific. She is currently the eleventh-grade dean and has been teaching for 25 years. Nishida came from...

A group shot of the high school student government association (SGA).
Meet Your Student Government (SGA)
Charley Paulino, Staff Writer • January 12, 2023

The Mid-Pacific Student Government Association (SGA) has collected $722.30 from high school students during the Aloha United Way (AUW) fundraiser. This...

Senior Ava Antonio defending the ball from an opposing player from UH Lab.
Girls Basketball Senior Night
Tyrael Goo, Staff Writer • January 25, 2023


Wresting Caption Logan Lau crouching in front of his opponent.
Meet the Wrestling Team Captains
Ryan Choi, Staff Writer • January 9, 2023

These wrestlers compete at the highest level in high school. Find out how and why they succeed. Senior Valynn Kwan and junior Logan Lau were...

Four players from the Mid-Pacific 2022 bowling team made it to states.
Varsity Bowling Mades States in the Singles Division
Kayla Tom, Staff Writer • December 13, 2022

Mid-Pacific’s ILH Varsity Bowling Team of 2022 made it to states this year for the boys and girls team with four players competing in the singles...

An illustration of a  man driving unsafely with a bottle of beer.
Mid-Pacific Student: Road Safety Experts?
Ryan Choi, Staff Writer • November 29, 2022

One of the rights of passage for teens is driving. And from the looks of it, Mid-Pacific drivers are making it through this passage safely. Driving can be difficult and dangerous, but Mid-Pacific students are careful enough to not have accidents. We know the potential hazards associated with driving: using electronic devices, and driving when drunk or driving under the influence. The reckless...

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Senior Shin Kaneko shows the green text from chatting with a non-Apple device.
Apple's Ecosystem
Archer Liang, Staff Writer • November 15, 2022

Apple is getting boring. They used the same old design. They market the best sound (picture and quality) ever. They used the most confident pyramid hand gestures while presenting the product. In Apple’s September event, their new products were groundbreaking again. Magical again. Larger again. Supersized again. Yawn… The event exhibits a new series of iPhones, Apple watches and some, honestly,...

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Crowd forms as the Womens March begins to protest for abortion rights.
One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back
Josephine Brewer, Staff Writer • November 1, 2022

It feels like our country is one step forward and ten steps back. We have new AI technology, genome editing, and the first female vice president, which are signs of progress; however reproductive rights are being taken away. After almost 50 years of protecting reproductive rights, Roe v Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court this summer. The protection of the right for women to have a legal abortion...

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