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Na Pueo

What are your plans for spring break? (March 6, 2023)
Ava Kagimoto and Charley Paulino March 6, 2023

Question: What are your plans for spring break? With the two-week spring break right around the corner, many students are excited at the prospect...

Staff Profile
Carly Kaneshiro
Carly Kaneshiro
Staff Writer

Carly Kaneshiro is a sophomore and a first-year journalist. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, going on hikes with friends, and listening to music. She does paddling and hula year-round. This year in...

Steven Aspera, News Editor • March 9, 2023

Notice any change at the gas pumps? Is your coffee costing more? Crackseed candy costing more? It’s not your imagination. Prices are rising....

Mid-Pacifics mascot, the Pueo, protects girl from rains of Homophobia and Racism.
Mid-Pacific Community Confronts Racism and Ignorance: Call for Education and Change
Katie Troske and Carly Kaneshiro March 3, 2023

Racial antagonism has been an issue for years in America, but recent events have brought to light racism and discrimination in the Mid-Pacific...

Mental Health of Student Body Following COVID
Mental Health of Student Body Following COVID
Ellie Fink, Staff Writer • March 1, 2023

[If you or anyone you know is struggling with their mental health, please text/call (741-741) (crisis hotline) something, or call 988 (suicide...

Security guard Cindy Dela Cerna smiles as she waves in cars.
Security Day-in-the-Life
Josephine Brewer, Managing Editor • March 6, 2023

We constantly see Mid-Pacific’s security guards roaming the campus and driving the golf carts, but what does an average day in their life look...

Helena Winchester 24’ holds up the aforementioned cat bowl for the camera.
Taking a Step Back
Charlize Gaudiello, Editor in Chief • March 2, 2023

As semester one wrapped up, the academic pressure rose, as did the number of final projects. In those times of stress, students found themselves...

A day at work for students in the MPX program.
MPX: A New Way of Learning
Alexander Haugaard, Staff Writer • February 9, 2023

Since the introduction of the Mid-Pacific Exploratory Program (MPX) in 2011, it has changed the way of learning at Mid-Pacific Institute. Basic...

Head Judo Coach Clifton Teshima demonstrates a throw on a junior varsity student.
Josephine Brewer, Managing Editor • March 7, 2023

Starting a new sport can be nerve-wracking, even more so if you’re doing it alone and surrounded by experienced players. High school junior,...

Senior Ava Antonio defending the ball from an opposing player from UH Lab.
Girls Basketball Senior Night
Tyrael Goo, Staff Writer • January 25, 2023


Wresting Caption Logan Lau crouching in front of his opponent.
Meet the Wrestling Team Captains
Ryan Choi, Staff Writer • January 9, 2023

These wrestlers compete at the highest level in high school. Find out how and why they succeed. Senior Valynn Kwan and junior Logan Lau were...

In Journalism, Advisor Roland Nipps gives suggestions to Kayla Tom about a story. Managing Editor Josephine Brewer and Feature editor Katie Troske (Background right) collaborate on page layout for the print edition.
Why we need to do what journalists do as student journalists?
Archer Liang, Design Editor / Illustration Head • March 10, 2023

Hashtag democracy. Hashtag free press. Hashtag student voice. Undeniably, the press plays a vital role in democracy. It pushes America forward by giving access to information, which changes our society. And now it’s pushing issues on the Mid-Pacific campus. After the publication of “Student disciplined for racial incident”, a news article reporting a racial incident in Mid-Pacific, the...

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Two students discuss various political topics on top of a gradient background.
Indoctrination, or Just Education?
Katie Troske, Features Editor • February 14, 2023

The definition of indoctrination is the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically. When a teacher discusses politics in class, is that really indoctrination, or is it just education? Some feel that when a teacher opts to include their political opinions in a lesson, they are attempting to influence students and crossing a line. “There’s a basic sense of...

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Students learning the functions of a Laser Printer from Mrs. Fontaine in Digital Media.
Who makes a better teacher, younger-newer teachers, or older-old school teachers?
Carly Kaneshiro, Staff Writer • February 7, 2023

As course selections roll around each year, a common consideration when choosing classes is the type of teacher conducting the class. Some students prefer taking a class taught by veteran teachers. Although, many other students are crossing their fingers that they’ll get a class from a younger teacher. Many students have a favorite teacher at school. They were the ones who stood out because some...

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