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Students reconnected during PSAT and first visit to campus since March

Students reconnected during PSAT and first visit to campus since March

October 26, 2020

My footsteps rang out in the empty hallway, the door creaking open as our proctor...

Mid-Pacific clubs start virtually as members adapt to new platforms

Mid-Pacific clubs start virtually as members adapt to new platforms

October 20, 2020

During distance learning, clubs at Mid-Pacific have found new ways to operate...

Meet the new teachers joining the Mid-Pacific team

October 13, 2020

Mid-Pacific prioritizes student well-being with new Character Strong program
Willow Hutchison, Staff Writer • October 20, 2020

“Have a positive self-image!” “Improve your relationships with your friends.” School is tough, but just cope with the pressure and stress because you have to, right? I...

Letter from the Editor-In-Chief: Is “doing nothing” a good use of your time?
Erin Goya, Staff Writer • October 8, 2020

Whether you’re a senior or not, I am sure that distance learning has been frustrating and hard for you. “Same thing, different day,” I heard my dad say on a conference...

Editor-in-chief says goodbye as unexpected school year comes to a close
Erin Goya, Staff Writer • May 22, 2020

What was supposed to be 180 days, ended up being only 168 days. Our time on campus this school year, which is usually 180 days of hard work, unforgettable memories, and fun,...

Pandemic makes us appreciate human interaction
Erin Goya, Staff Writer • April 9, 2020

Six feet apart. The social distance required between two people in order to stay healthy. But that’s easy right? People already sit six feet away from each other and don’t ...

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PAC-5 football players congregate during the 2019 season. Senior players created a petition to protest Mid-Pacific
Longtime PAC-5 athletes are "devastated" after Mid-Pacific pulls out of the team
Erin Goya, Staff Writer • October 27, 2020

Six years ago, Ian Ishibashi stepped onto the field, his first year of PAC-5 football, his first year of football ever. Anxious and nervous, he wasn’t sure if the sport would...

On Sept.10, Mackenzee Higuchi announced on Instagram that he is committed to play baseball at Hawaii Pacific University. Mid-Pacific athletes are promoting themselves virtually due to COVID-19.
Athletes promote themselves virtually to college recruiters
Kamm Kojima, Staff Writer • October 6, 2020

Some student athletes may not play a single game this year due to COVID-19. However, senior athletes are continuing to show their skills to coaches and recruiters.  “It's...

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Restaurant Review: Pa’ina Cafe

Alicia-Rose Boucher, Contributing Writer
March 5, 2020

    Poke is a food gradually gaining popularity around the world. From social media influencers editing their Instagram worthy meal pictures, to locals simply craving a post surf snack, this cuisine waters the mouths of all who hope to consume it. However, this traditional Hawaiian food tastes best when devoured… well in Hawaii of course! If you’re lucky enough to live in the poke capital...

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Restaurant Review: Island Vintage Coffee

Brianna Acosta, Contributing Writer
March 5, 2020

Island Vintage Coffee, offering al fresco (open-air) dining, welcomes you with a gentle, early afternoon breeze. Seated are a mixture of locals and tourists feasting on their brunch cravings. Behind the counter, two employees take orders with a smile while the rest hustle to serve food to the customers at their tables. You make your way to the back of the long line which stretches across the room,...

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Restaurant Review: The Nook Neighborhood Bistro

Kimberly Oshiro, Contributing Writer
March 5, 2020

  Wandering through Puck’s Alley across the street from the Raising Cane’s will lead you to a hidden gem. Within the confines of a cramped and oddly shaped parking lot, “the nook neighborhood bistro” greets pedestrians with a storefront made to look like the porch to someone’s house; potted air plants arranged on every blue roof post with street lamps fixated on the posts in front...

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