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Community Criticism of This Years Bell Schedule
Community Criticism of This Year's Bell Schedule
Tyrael Goo, Online Editor • September 15, 2022

With a new school year comes new classes, new computers, new clothes, and this year, a new bell schedule. However, the newest addition to Mid-Pacific...

Seniors Anya Chen and Solana Isgar walk down from Kawaiahao with optional masks outside.
No Need Masks!
Emi Lew, Tyrael Goo, Charlize Gaudiello, Josephine Brewer, and Steven Aspera Jr. August 25, 2022

Mid-Pacific Institute will no longer require masks starting September 1 for all students and faculty in indoor and outdoor spaces.  The news...

Students toss their caps in the air as they transition from high school students to a group of alumni.
Seniors decide on colleges
Chelsee Sawai, Editor-in-Chief • May 24, 2022

By Chelsee Sawai Staff Writer Mid-Pacific seniors are able to exhale a sigh of relief and reflect on their college application process...

Banned Book Week
Banned Book Week
Ellie Fink, Staff Writer • September 21, 2022

Want to pick up a Harry Potter novel at your school library? How about The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian? In some schools, that...

Tobi Kishimoto
New High School Art Teacher: Tobi Kishimoto
Charley Paulino, Staff Writer • September 20, 2022

Tobi Kishimoto loves inspiring students. Kishimoto, once a part-time teacher, has joined Mid-Pacific’s art department. The new teacher,...

New Assistant Principal of Student Life: Rebecca Hodge
New Assistant Principal of Student Life: Rebecca Hodge
Emi Lew, Assistant Back Page Editor • September 13, 2022

Rebecca Hodge loves giving back to the community. And as the newest addition to Mid-Pacific’s administration team, Assistant Principal of Student...

Late or absent buses due to the lack of bus drivers make student athletes late to practices and games.
Bus shortages affect athletic gatherings
Grant Hogan, Staff Writer • May 24, 2022

Athletes' transportation to games and practices had a sudden shortage this year. Mid-Pacific believes that the bus shortages are COVID-19...

Freshman Kyler Shojinaga gets ready to release the ball during the JV championships against Kamehameha.
JV baseball brought home championship victory
Kanoa Young, Staff Writer • May 18, 2022

By Kanoa Young Staff Writer Mid-Pacific Institute’s Junior Varsity baseball team grasped victory in the Interscholastic League of Honolulu...

Girls varsity team perform the freestyle stroke.
Swimming into action
Kenna Kaneshiro, Staff Writer • May 3, 2022

By Kenna Kaneshiro Staff Writer Swimming and water polo seasons are in action this school year, however, COVID-19 restrictions and new regulations...

2021-2022 Editors-in-Chief, Siena Usui and Chelsee Sawai.
Goodbye Na Pueo
Siena Usui and Chelsee Sawai May 23, 2022

“Hope” captures my sense of the year. Restrictions eased, events increased, and normalcy made a comeback. Prom, an integral part of high school life, was an experience for which I was grateful to even have due to the past two years of the pandemic. We endured so much change during what is already considered some of the most stressful and turbulent times of youth. Yet we are still moving forward;...

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With heads in hands, students study in the library, preparing for final assessments.
Do grades actually matter?
Joaquin Mejia, Staff Writer • May 18, 2022

By Joaquin Mejia Staff Writer No matter what class you take, you are bound to hear students questioning the education system with “when are we going to use this,” or “where can we see this in the real world?” Despite such skepticism about what students are learning, they achieve higher GPAs and test scores each year, according to the Department of Education. As society's emphasis on...

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These dance skills take hard work, determination, balance, and athleticism to acquire this one dance move.
Should dancers receive P.E. credit?
Kayla Tom, Social Media Editor • May 18, 2022

By Kayla Tom Staff Writer Dancers don’t get the credit they deserve. Being a dancer requires effort and artistry; something most people fail to consider with the belief that dancers are born with talent. , but most people just think dancers are somehow “naturally talented.” The Mid-Pacific School of the Arts dance program covers a Physical Education credit, however, you have to do both...

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