Na Pueo editor says her final goodbye

Payton Antonio, Staff Writer

Payton Antonio: Letter from the Editor In Chief

I assumed as seen on TV, I would experience the “Mean Girls” or the jocks, but I was wrong. I never experienced a hallway scene where a slushy was thrown to my face like from the show, Glee or had a whole hallway clear a pathway for a popular girl, like Sharpay Evans in High School Musical.

I remember graduating from 8th grade and thinking I made it to the top, but then my freshman year came around and I was quickly back to the babies of high school. I thought the upperclassmen would be the scariest people on campus but they turned out being some of the sweetest and most helpful people during my transition. 

For those freshmen and sophomores experiencing the feeling that school is going by too slow, understand that you’ll never get back these years in high school. Juniors and seniors would be dying to be back in your position because right now, they feel it coming to an end way too quickly. 

Go to school with an open mind. Be positive and do something amazing everyday. Take every opportunity that is given to you, and don’t whine about where you are. You’ll get to be a senior in just a few years, but enjoy what is right in front of you.

When my junior year came along, I wanted everything to slow down. So much was changing and it was happening all so fast. College meetings started and it finally seemed like my GPA started to matter. One thing I did love about my junior year was how I was now considered an “upperclassman.” This label made me gain the same feeling I had when I was at the top in 8th grade. But I’ll never forget the transition from my junior to senior year.

There I was, just a month ago, sitting in the senior section of the gym at convocation and attempted to chant the 2019 senior cheer. It was as if just last week we were singing campfire songs at senior picnic. It feels like just yesterday, I was committing to a college. Everything in senior year comes quicker than expected, which is why I wish I knew sooner to enjoy the moments in front of me. Enjoy the transition from freshman to senior year because you’ll regret it if you don’t make it worth it. 

As I write my last editorial for Na Pueo, I realize I’m not good at goodbyes. But I wish the upcoming journalism class the best. I’ll always cherish the memory of being a part of an amazing staff and writing stories that interest my peers. 

Freshmen and sophomores: join clubs, make many friends and experience a new sport because you want to remember your high school years with good memories to last a lifetime. High school is time stamped and will all be over in a blink, just like mine.