Air rifle gains momentum with undefeated season


Kenna Kaneshiro

Air rifle team member Coby Simon, grade 12 aims for the target.

Kenna Kaneshiro, Staff writer

Mid-Pacfic’s air rifle athletes ended a challenging season this year, but are evaluating their performances, giving momentum for next fall.

“It’s been a very challenging season,” said Head Air Rifle Coach Jon Narimatsu.

Both the girl’s and boy’s sporter air riflery teams are fighting hard to keep their state title from the previous season, Narimatsu said. 

However, there are large amounts of competition like always, and challenging opponents to defeat, said Narimatsu. 

“Our most challenging competition was PAC-5, they gave us a run for our money, luckily last year we merely beat them, but this year we barely lost to them, [1059-1064]” said Boys varsity team captain, senior Michael Tam .

Both the Girls Varsity and Boys Junior Varsity teams had a successful fall with a season record of four wins and no losses. Boys Varsity defeated the majority of their opponents but solely lost to PAC-5.

“Before that meet a lot of us were nervous because PAC-5 has been our number one opponent for like how many years,” said air rifle athlete, senior Jason Katayama.

“A lot of us pressured out that match,” he said. 

The athletes continue to evaluate their season while reloading their firearms repeatedly until the target is hit. 

“I learned a lot about teamwork because every day we have to set up the range and a lot of us have to work together,” said Katayama.

Tam said he learned patience through air riflery. 

“We can’t force ourselves to rush, we can’t give ourselves an adrenaline push to get through the match,” he said. “We have to stay super calm and steady focused.”