Stuck at home? Learn to cook with these recipes.


Contributed by Kaci Muramoto

Kaci Muromoto showcasing the craisin energy bars she made. Muramoto has made cooking her routine since the stay-at-home order started.

Danika Kusumoto, Staff Writer

The smell of freshly baked cookies wafts through the air, a blast of heat escaping from the oven. 

Being stuck at home has encouraged teenagers with lots of free time to try their hand at cooking. 

“It gives kids a sense of creativity and allows them to mature in a way where they learn how to become more independent,” said junior Kaci Muromoto, Cooking and Baking club president.

Sophomore Carly Recarte, club member, said cooking is fun because you can alter the recipe to fit your taste buds.

“Food tastes better when you make it yourself,” Recarte said.

Recarte said she has been cooking nonstop during this lockdown, whipping up delicious treats for her entire family to enjoy.

“It’s very soothing. Having your own time and creating something for other people is fun,” said Muromoto.

Roland Nipps, English teacher and a trained chef, said he has cooked every single day since Hawaii’s stay at home order started on March 25.

“During times like this, if you know how to cook I think you’re in a better place than some people are,” said Nipps.

Nipps said he now has time to cook braised beef shanks that take a couple hours to prepare because he’s always home.

“Cooking is an amazingly useful skill to have,” said Nipps.

Nipps said he ate fast food at a young age, but since learning how to cook he generally eats well.

“Even on a bad day, I know it’s going to be good three times: breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” said Nipps.

“You know what you’re putting into your body if you make it and prepare it yourself,””

— Lori Nishiguchi

Cooking and Baking club advisor Lori Nishiguchi said you don’t actually know what’s being put in the food when you go out to eat.

“You know what you’re putting into your body if you make it and prepare it yourself,” said Nishiguchi.

Nishiguchi said people should be cooking at home more often and it is a fun activity you can do with your family.

“Food is always a way to bring people together,” said Nishiguchi.

Na Pueo News asked Mid-Pacific’s Cooking and Baking Club to provide us with a few mouth-watering recipes you can try during quarantine.