Stay safe and spooky this Halloween with these ideas

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Halloween can still be fun this year even though social distancing is still in effect. Photo courtesy of

Tasha Kanoa, Contributing Writer

It seems like just yesterday I tried making whipped coffee in the beginning of quarantine. It’s insane to think that seven months have already passed and we are speeding through October.

As a child, I loved Halloween, and everything about the season would excite me. I used to love going to the store to try on costumes, walking into a haunted house surrounded by terrified strangers, or skipping around the streets with my bag full of candy. All of these small activities made the holiday and season even more enjoyable.

Halloween can still be fun this year. Photo courtesy of

You might think that this year, usual traditions might not be able to be fulfilled, but you may be able to make new traditions with your loved ones. With the pandemic still rampant in this country, social distancing measures will still be in effect. It may be difficult to have a normal experience while also taking safety precautions. Nevertheless, you can do things similar to accommodate for the recent situations going on in the world.

There are still so many ways that you can continue to spread the Halloween spirit without spreading anything else. Here are some things you can do to have a memorable, yet safe Halloween, no matter your  age.

1. Decorate your home

When I think about the holidays, memories of me decorating the house with my family come to mind. Just like any other holiday, the best way to get in the spirit is by bringing it into your very own home. 

Decorating for the holidays works wonders for anyone trying to brighten their mood, especially in these trying times. Tia Kanoa, who majors  in Interior Design at Arizona State University, said  “Some of the best decorations are often the ones that are the simplest.” 

To get started and in the holiday mood, you can light a fall scented candle, carve pumpkins with your family to put on display, or accent your walls and empty spaces with any decorations you may have. After this, you can add whatever you like, adding your personal touch. 

“You can litter your house with wreaths, different lights, and even outdoor decorations are great for getting in the spirit,” said Kanoa. 

Scented candles can set a mood this season. Photo courtesy of

You can do this by yourself, with family, or whoever you may live with, there are no restrictions. The good part about decorating, is that there are no rules to it!

2. Host a zoom meeting with your friends

Over these past few months, I hadn’t gotten to see my friends and loved ones as much as I wanted, and isolation can leave you feeling lonely. However, 

you can spend some much needed time with them from the comfort of your own home. Although seeing friends in person may be better, getting on a zoom call with them to catch up could remain the next best thing right now. 

There are so many ways you and your friends can have a surprisingly good time celebrating the season through an online call. You can watch horror movies together, play multiplayer games, or just talk and enjoy each other’s company. 

Shiva Hiremath, a CISCO employee, said, “The longer we are to be distanced, the more creative people get with communication.” CISCO has a version of online meetings called WebEx. WebEx is very similar to zoom, both catering to the same audience.

3. Go to a  Drive-Thru Haunted House 

Another way that you can stay safe while having fun can be by going to a drive-thru haunted house. Since regular haunted houses would be tricky to operate and execute during these times, the next best thing is to hop in the car with a few friends or relatives, and make your way to the Aloha Stadium, where one of these drive-thrus remain. Tickets are currently sold out, but the company website recommends checking back to see if additional dates will open.

Caleb Spencer, a Kamehameha graduate, said he went to the haunted house, and it didn’t seem to disappoint. “I had a lot of fun even though I was scared the entire time,” Spencer said. He bought tickets as soon as he could, and went with one of his friends to the drive-thru. Spencer recommends anyone who isn’t too afraid of jump scares to go.

It isn’t impossible to protect your health while also celebrating memorable holidays at the same time. Be sure to follow the CDC guidelines whenever you may be in public to aid in slowing the spread of COVID-19 throughout your community. The rules and regulations regarding social gatherings differ based on the city in which you reside, so checking the status of your city can help you further plan and prepare for whatever activities you may want to participate in this season.