Senior Camp: Class of 2019 kicks off their school year by kicking back on the sand

Abigail Yagi, Staff Writer

Senior Camp Survey:

  1. What was your favorite part of camp?
  2. Would you want another senior camp at the end of the year?


Kaiko Torres De Sa

  1. The campfire because that’s when we got to know the true depth of everyone.
  2.  Yes, because everyone put their friend groups aside and saw each other as individuals. We got to bond with teachers too.



Kacie Williams

  1. The homeroom games. Cause we (Mrs. King’s) are the best homeroom!
  2.  I think it would be awesome. We would get to know each other a lot better which would make it a different experience from camp at the beginning of the year.



Melia Nishimura

  1. I really loved campfire when we sang “Take Me Home Country Road” because that was when we bounded most and all participated together.
  2. Yes that would be great.



Cameron Ching

  1. I liked the campfire because it was fun to see everyone’s hidden talents and bond over the many dad jokes.
  2. That’s a great idea.