Pueo Pride pauses after lack of student participation

Angelina Shaw, Staff Writer

A once-popular app for Mid-Pacific fans could be ended because few students use it, according to the athletics office.  

Pueo Pride, which has been available in the app store since 2014, had users decrease from a peak of about 60 students to about five students in the fall season. 

“Over the years we’ve seen a huge decrease in the number of kids who’ve actually checked in to the game,” said Scott Wagner, the athletics director.

Wagner and the school’s former director of innovation developed the app to bring more students to games to support the athletes at Mid Pacific.

Fewer students are logging in to the Pueo Pride app this school year.

“We could have more of a fan base, it makes the players feel more supported, then they will play harder and better, and therefore it could turn into more wins,” said Wagner.

When students would go to the games there was a bluetooth set up and anyone in the general area would be marked down as being there, allowing them to earn points. 

At the end of the seasons and year, prizes would be given out to reward students for cheering on the athletes.

Gift cards were given out after each season to the winners, but at the end of the year prizes like headphones, camera lens, GoPro, and surfboards, and $100 gift cards to Ala Moana Center were given out. 

Eighth grader, Sebastien Kiyabu won a $30 gift card during the fall sports season. He also ended as the last student to win a prize for using the app.

“Nobody really cares about the app,” he said. 

Wagner is planning to set up a meeting to get some feedback about whether the app will come back or not.

“I think the app is a really neat idea, but if students don’t feel that’s something they want to spend their time on then we will find something else,” said Wagner. 

There had been some issues with the bluetooth and students said it wasn’t working as well and that they weren’t being marked down for being at the games.

“Sometimes it was hard for it to recognize that I existed, so I had to email Mr. Wagner that I was there,” said 12th grader Presley Wheeler, who won a pair of beats headphones about four years ago.

Many students that have used the app before agree that it should come back, but many students also don’t know about the app.

“Not a lot of people care about it but I think it’s fun to do,” said Kiyabu.

Motivations to go to the games started the idea of winning prizes, but some students didn’t stay for the whole game and would check in then leave.

“I went and watched for about 15-20 minutes and then I had to leave,” said Kiyabu.